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Strand woven bamboo flooring with many excellent features

One of the most essential features you’ll find in bamboo flooring is the fact that it is highly ecofriendly. It’s fast-growing, extremely sustainable flooring that offers so much more as well.

It can be the perfect décor-matching piece to complete a new house build or be the upgrade you genuinely wanted in your home’s remodel. And there are so many options to choose from when you decide it’s time to start shopping.

Just check out this article that speaks to the environmentally sound products you can choose for your home.

“Why choose bamboo? Well, it doesn’t come from a forest. “There’s an environmentally friendly component to the material,” says Chris Nielsen, vice president of Amazon.com’s home and garden division. “Bamboo grows quickly, and harvesting doesn’t destroy the plant so it can continue to grow. I think that is appealing to consumers. It makes them feel more comfortable [SIC] with their purchase. What they’re buying is from sustainable material.”.”

Source: Elizabeth Jardina, East Bay Times

Why choose sustainable flooring in the first place?

Eco-friendly flooring is now more critical than ever, as we seek to utilize building materials that not only leave a smaller carbon footprint, but that also leaves room for recycling, once our use of the product is finished. Every day, countless pounds of used flooring finds its way to landfills all over the country.

When you utilize a material such as Strand Woven Bamboo, you can rest assured that the material is 100% recyclable once it’s no longer useful on your floors.

This floor covering contains no urea-formaldehyde and harbors no harmful VOCs that can create a poor air quality for your household to breathe. It’s also extremely stable, functional, and durable, giving you plenty of years of great use, even in the busiest homes, and even with pets and children.

Having all of these earth-friendly advantages at your fingertips still does not negate the amazing décor-matching properties you’ll find in this line of flooring. For instance, you can choose from wide color varieties, formats, and plank widths to create a fantastic match for any interior design scheme.

When you’re ready to consider bamboo flooring by EcoFusion for your own home, be sure to contact your local San Francisco, CA, flooring retailer for more information.

Strand woven bamboo flooring in a Portland, OR home

There’s no reason to skimp on your Portland, OR home when it comes to a great floor covering. Strand Woven Bamboo, for instance, is an excellent choice for eco-friendly flooring that will perform and protect for many years to come.

What’s more, if you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, adding a tremendous sustainable flooring can work wonders for drawing in homeowner’s attention. Just consider this article, which says that “bamboo flooring is a close relative” of solid hardwood:

“Buyers will pay more for hardwoods. In a 2017 study, the National Association of Realtors found that the average hardwood floor refinish cost was $3,000, but that 100% of that cost was recovered and added into the sales price of the home. New hardwood floor costs can be harder to recoup, so best talk to your real estate agent if getting all or most of your money back is important.”

Source: Stephen FitzMaurice, Real Estate Agent PDX

So many reasons to choose bamboo flooring

When considering bamboo flooring for your home, there are many benefits to consider. First, there is the fact that this all-natural material is a perfect choice for any homeowner who prefers to build or remodel with green materials.

The fact is, these floors do not contain any urea formaldehyde or harmful VOCs that could potentially off-gas and create a foul breathing environment inside your home. It’s also highly sustainable, harvested from 100% Moso bamboo before we construct it into this extremely stable flooring material.

For excellent décor-matching opportunities, you’ll find that our bamboo options not only include a variety of formats and sizes but that you can choose from extensive color options. You’ll find everything from natural blonde to sheer ebony black in our lineup, allowing you to create a beautiful visual focal point or a neutral space on which you can build a busy décor scheme.

Bamboo is an excellent choice for today’s homeowner, especially as recyclability becomes an essential feature in flooring. This material makes it easy to recycle after its use on your floors is done. It is 100% recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about the afterlife of this material.

For more information about Strand Woven bamboo, or any of our fabulous products, be sure to contact your local Portland flooring retailer and ask about EcoFusion by name.

bamboo flooring installation

You don’t have to sacrifice stunning beauty when choosing eco-friendly flooring, such as Strand Woven Bamboo. These floors could bring even more luxurious appearance options than you might expect. What’s more, some benefits fit so many spaces, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered the materials before now.

We recently read an article listing bamboo flooring as one of the top choices in sustainable flooring options. Check it out below to see some of the benefits for yourself.

“Bamboo is not a wood at all, but a species of grass that shares similar characteristics with hardwood. It grows from a rhizome, which is an underground stem. Harvesting bamboo involves removing the culm, or the part aboveground, and leaving rhizome to sprout new plants – which it does quickly. The plant grows to maturity in three to five years, which is far less time than the 25 years it takes for a tree….”

Source: Tim Bakke, The Plan Collection

You’ll love this bamboo flooring

Choosing to dress your house in bamboo as a primary flooring option carries many advantages. These materials are stunning, offering a great variety of colorations, patterns, and formats, for a look that suits any décor. What’s more, it has an excellent lifespan, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these floors once they’re in place.

You don’t have to worry about air quality when you choose this material, as it contains no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde. You’ll breathe better, knowing that there will be no off-gassing from these floor coverings, for as long as you have the materials in place.

As a sustainable material, you’ll appreciate the fact that they grow faster, and cover less land area, than many other natural products. That means it can be safely harvested more than five times for every one harvest of solid hardwood.

Recyclable, you’ll find that these floors continue to be useful long after they’re finished as a floor covering. Instead of taking up space in a landfill, they can be put to many more good uses to keep on protecting the environment.

For more information about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, be sure to visit your local Seattle, WA flooring retailer.

Strand woven natural plank bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is not a new flooring option, but its tangible characteristics as a sustainable flooring source are more evident now than ever before. If a green home building or remodeling is important to you, then you’ll want to find out more about these qualities and why they’re important.

Recently, we came across an article that speaks to these specific traits and more.

“Bamboo’s environmental benefits arise largely out of its ability to grow quickly – in some cases three to four feet per day – without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or much water. Bamboo also spreads easily with little or no care. Also, a bamboo grove releases some 35 percent more oxygen into the air than a similar-sized stand of trees…helping to improve soil conditions and prevent erosion along the way.”

Source: Scientific American 175

Why choose eco-friendly flooring?

An eco-friendly flooring such as Strand Woven Bamboo can do so much for your home. In addition to being easy to install, it also contains no urea-formaldehyde or harmful VOCs, which leaves you with much better air quality. Your whole family will breathe better once these floors are in place, offering a respite for allergy sufferers in particular.

Since bamboo grows so fast, it yields far more product than regular trees, and in less space. You’ll find that this product produces more than twenty times the amount, maturing in only seven years, as opposed to the thirty to fifty years it takes for a similar strand of trees to develop.

These floors offer incredible beauty, stability, functionality, and endurance, but they keep giving even after you have no more use for them as a floor covering. They are completely recyclable, which means they will not become part of a landfill, as they can be used in a variety of ways and other products.

In addition to the many earth-friendly qualities found in this material, you’ll still find it to be a beautiful addition to any décor scheme. With a variety of colors, textures, and formats, you’ll find it to be a perfect addition to a variety of spaces.

For more information on this product, or to experience them for yourself, in person, be sure to contact your local Denver flooring retailer and ask about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion.

Eco-friendly bamboo flooring in a San Francisco, CA home

There’s no reason to contribute to already overpopulated landfills once your next floor covering’s usefulness has come to an end. By thinking ahead in this way and making use of materials like bamboo flooring, you’ll be taking steps to assure a lesser carbon footprint for the next generation.

We recently read about the amazing sustainability of these floors, which you can read along with here:

“Sustainability experts nearly universally agree bamboo is one of the best eco-friendly building materials on the planet. Its rate of self-generation is incredibly high, with some species growing up to three feet in 24 hours. Bamboo technically is a perennial grass, not a wood, and it continues spreading and growing without having to be replanted after harvest. It is prevalent around the world and can be found on every continent except Europe and Antarctica.”

Source: Katie Pyzyk, Smart Cities Dive

Taking the necessary steps towards sustainable flooring

Making a move to sustainable flooring needn’t be arduous. It might just be easier than you think, especially when you consider materials such as strand woven bamboo and other bamboo options in flooring.

These materials are grown and harvested right here in the United States with a propriety system of construction that maintains quality, integrity, and excellent functionality. Our processes include procedures that create the most stable materials on the market.

You can not only take advantage of the materials, the construction, and the lifespan, but you will also greatly appreciate the wide color varieties available in our material lines. From light to dark, and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect décor-match, no matter how large your project size.

We can’t forget the variety of formats that also add beauty and functionality to these floors. These come in handy in so many rooms throughout your home and add to your form of personalization.

If you’d like to experience these eco-friendly flooring products for yourself, be sure to contact your local San Francisco flooring retailer and ask for EcoFusion products by name.