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Why is Bamboo Flooring Becoming So Popular for Home and Office?

It is a fact that bamboo flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. Why is this? At EcoFusion, we manufacture bamboo flooring and stand woven bamboo flooring for dealers all across America, with a focus on dealers in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and other West Coast cities.  We knew when we first started manufacturing our flooring, that it would be welcomed into many, many homes, and we would like to share a bit about that with you here.

Bamboo flooring, as you can guess, is made from bamboo grass. This material is readily renewable, and grows in many area of the world. Because it is so easy to re-grow, it is one of the most eco-friendly materials on earth. People in the East have been using bamboo for centuries for both flooring and other purposes. Combining ancient traditions and high-tech science, EcoFusion is able to produce some of the finest flooring on the market today.

Our bamboo flooring systems offer homeowners and business owners many benefits. For starters, beauty. When you visit one of the many dealers who carry our flooring, you will be impressed with just how attractive our flooring systems are. Our bamboo flooring can compete with any traditional hardwood flooring you can imagine. Elegance, warmth, sophistication, style, we have it all in our flooring systems, and you can have it all, too when you select from our wonderful flooring options.

Another benefit that you get with bamboo flooring is hardness. Floors that have a high hardness rating generally last longer than those with a lower rating. Our flooring has one of the highest hardness ratings consumers can purchase. When our flooring is installed properly, you can be assured of years of quality service.

If you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly bamboo flooring systems, or would like to find a dealer near you, visit our website and use our online dealer locator tool.