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Why Homeowners Choose Bamboo Flooring

​Which is your choice?  Milk or dark chocolate? Both are time-honored “legends” that really have nothing to prove, so it comes down to personal choice and individual personality: www.oregonlive.com​ by Oregon Live staff.

That is just like the choice between bamboo and hardwood flooring. While you love the look of hardwood, you just can’t get past those environmental concerns. Bamboo flooring, especially EcoFusion bamboo, is a great alternative.

Bamboo flooring looks just like hardwood, but it’s not a wood product at all; rather, bamboo flooring is created from the tree-like bamboo plant. It can look like just like hardwood and it’s now wildly versatile, so you can get a mind-blowing number of colors, finishes and stains.  Yes, you can even get bamboo flooring with those much-beloved knots, and you can also get it in wide planks, thought to become one of the hottest trends for 2018.

Here are other reasons to choose bamboo flooring: 

Eco-friendliness.  Bamboo flooring is made from a natural plant that matures and is ready to harvest in five years or less, as opposed to trees which can take up to 20. EcoFusion also uses low-emitting materials, so there are no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and the products qualify for credit under the LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green-building rating system.

As more people become environmentally aware, they are demanding natural designs and products. They also want unique, individual style; there’s no more “one size fits all.” Other reasons to choose bamboo flooring:

Durability.  There are two types: Vertical and Strand Woven bamboo, both manufactured by EcoFusion. Although all bamboo is tough, Strand Woven is three times stronger than many traditional hardwoods, making it stand up easily to kids, pets and heavy foot traffic. It’s more water resistant than hardwood, making it less prone to warping, but it’s still a natural material so excess water should be avoided.
Easy to Clean:  Mop, sweep, damp mop or clean it with an alkaline soap made especially for bamboo flooring. Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners.
Price: Bamboo Flooring is slightly less expensive than hardwood. Please keep in mind that while it is possible to find cheaper bamboo, it will most certainly always lead to an inferior product.

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