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Why Choose Strand Woven Bamboo?

Before you find out what some of the great benefits of strand woven bamboo are, you might prefer to start out by learning a little bit more about it. And we can certainly help with that. It’s simple actually. 

To start the process, stalks of bamboo are crushed in such a way as to create fibers, also known as “strands”. These all-natural strands are then soaked with an adhesive substance that is dense and has no urea-formaldehyde or VOC’s, that can be harmful.

The next part of the process is to cold press the strands into long blocks, dry them carefully in a kiln, and then condition them carefully of the course of several months. In this way, maximum stability is insured.

After the conditioning is complete, the long, railroad tie like blocks are milled with precision into veneers. Another conditioning is carried out so that the veneers are able to meet the many demands of the differing North American climates.

In order to keep expansion and contraction to a minimum, there is a cross-grain engineered traditional bamboo core constructed in. Both the top and bottom layers consist of strandwoven bamboo, creating the perfect balance for your floors.

EcoFusion is integrated from sourcing to manufacturing to distribution – so we are part of the entire process. Our Moso Bamboo is harvested after being allowed to grow for five to six years, giving it the ideal strength for manufacturing. All the while, this flooring maintains a status of being a 100% rapidly renewable resource.

Strand woven bamboo is still one of the best choices for areas of high traffic, and because it has a very unique look, it adds a certain appeal to just about any room’s theme. Because it is a renewable material, and grows faster than other hardwoods, the bottom line actually makes it more cost effective than lots of other flooring materials.

With custom order FSC bamboo available, our flooring comes in thicknesses of 10 mm 3-ply HDF, 12 mm solid, 12 mm solid-lock, 14 mm ColorFusion Engineered, and 14 mm wide plank solid. There is also a 35-year transferable warranty available. For more information about strand woven bamboo flooring, contact EcoFusion to find a dealer near you.