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Why Both the Home and Environment Love Strand Woven Bamboo

EcoFusion knows you look for both beauty and function in a flooring, and we deliver.

Our products add gorgeous fashion to your home, are durable and, most of all, are eco-friendly.

We blend renewable bamboo and recycled furniture scraps, and “fuse” them into flooring, One result is our strand woven bamboo flooring that has three times the strength of traditional strip bamboo flooring, and twice that of oak. It is made from 100 percent MOSO bamboo, a plant that grows into full maturity in five to six years, as opposed to the 20-30 years for trees.  

In addition, EcoFusion products are extensively tested to be low emitting, containing no urea-formaldehyde or harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We follow CARB II standards and, on some products, we test against the stringent CA-01350 standard.

We control every step of the manufacturing process from the harvest of raw material to delivery, so we know exactly what goes into our product. In the case of bamboo, we begin by harvesting, cutting and drying the strands, using an adhesive compound that is free from any added urea-formaldehyde or other harmful VOC’s. We then compress them into long “railroad blocks” and mill them into planks. It’s of note that we don’t use heat, but, rather kilns that are fueled by waste material gathered by cutting the original bamboo. 

EcoFusion qualifies for credit under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system, which is pretty much the highest ranking you can get. LEED is known throughout the world as the ultimate hallmark of sustainability accomplishment. 

When you qualify for LEED credentials, a system set up by the U.S. Green Building Council, you are acknowledged for saving energy, water and other resources. You are identified for generating less waste, and reinforcing human health.

Color Fusion™ is a collection of dye-infused strand woven bamboo flooring in exciting, exotic shades, where the dye is made from a patent-pending technology that uses pure plant-based pigments. There is no waste. Even better (if that’s possible!), it makes the floor even tougher, because, with  Color Fusion ™, dents and scratches just aren’t as visible as they’d be with  veneer; that means less need for repair.

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