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Why Bamboo Flooring is Becoming so Popular

Have you been wondering why bamboo flooring is becoming so popular all across America? There are a lot of reasons why so many people are falling in love with these eco-friendly flooring systems from EcoFusion, and we want to discuss just a couple of them here.
Why bamboo flooring? Truly unique flooring options!

Have you ever wanted a truly unique looking flooring system? If so, EcoFusion has you covered. For instance, we offer flooring such as: coffee bean, carbonized, sarsaparilla, wheat, espresso, rye, steel, burlap, and leather, to name a few. Where else would you find such interesting and exciting types of flooring?

These systems are available in both residential and commercial applications, and are available in a variety of widths, making it very easy for you to get the perfect look that you want with your new flooring.

Please keep in mind that we do not use old growth trees to make our flooring systems. We use bamboo, which is a readily renewable grass. You never have to worry about the loss of forests when you choose our strand woven bamboo flooring systems.

Why bamboo flooring? Durable and tough!

Some consumers may be under the impression that bamboo flooring is soft and will not last. This, too, is not true. Our strand woven bamboo flooring is incredibly hard and will last for decades. In fact, its hardness factor is higher than many traditional hardwood floors. Hardness is important in that it gives consumers a good idea of how long a flooring system will last under normal conditions. A low rating simply cannot last as long as a system with a higher rating.

Why bamboo flooring? Not as expensive as you think!

Lastly, many consumers may think that because of all the work we do to produce these remarkable flooring systems, we charge high prices. Again, not true. In fact, when compared to quality traditional hardwood flooring, our prices are right in-line with other types of wood flooring. 

If you would like to know more about our products, visit our website where you can find a local flooring store that carries EcoFusion bamboo flooring. You can also get more answers to the question: Why bamboo flooring?