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While Home Prices Continue to Climb, Focus on Remodeling Yours

The housing market remains so hot in the Portland area, that some mortgage companies are even starting to feel the pinch. It’s a sure bet that homeowners are feeling it, whether buying or selling, but some are considering the act of remodeling or renovation instead. It makes perfect sense, considering you can get loans based upon the equity in your home. By the end of the remodel, you have a home that’s worth even more, especially if the market starts to cool quickly and unexpectedly.

To get a better idea of the situation, let’s take a look at this article we recently found in the Portland Business Journal:

“Here’s a familiar story: Portland home prices continue to climb. According to the latest report from the Regional Multiple Listing Service, the average home price rose nearly 6 percent through August of this year versus the same time period last year. The average sales price hit $454,500 in August, up from $429,000 in august 2017.”
Source: Jon Bell, Portland Business Journal

Adding to Your Home’s Value
It’s never a bad idea to add some value to your home by way of renovating. A remodel may be just what you need to satisfy your desire for a “new space”. Purchasing a home can certainly fill the void, but so can adding something brand new to your current home. One of the best options for such a remodel, is adding Strand Woven Bamboo to your floors.

Strand Woven Bamboo isn’t like other types of bamboo flooring, because we utilize a specific manufacturing method that makes ours stand out. First, the stalks of bamboo are crushed, so that the fibers can be separated into strands. Those are then infused with a thick adhesive that lacks any harmful VOC’s, and no urea formaldehyde is added.

The strands are cold pressed next, to form blocks which are dried in a kiln and conditioned for months, so that they will be absolutely stable. The milling process is the next step, followed by another round of conditioning that makes Strand Woven Bamboo capable of meeting the demands of all the climates across North America.

For more information about Strand Woven Bamboo, ask your local retailer about EcoFusion.