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When Old & New Come Together with Grace & Elegance

​If you live in Portland, you may have heard about the couple that is trying to restore their home into what it was in the past. Portland is somewhat famous for its love of the past, and at EcoFusion, we are too. Here is the first part of this interesting story:

“When Robert and Amanda Nathan started searching for their first home in Portland, Oregon, they saw lots of Craftsman options—but the one that resonated with them (and that they purchased) has roots that are more Joseph Eichler then Greene & Greene. “There’s no shortage of Craftsman options in Portland,” says Robert. “We looked at many of those, but the one that really spoke to us was this midcentury home.”

Source: www.curbed.com

​At EcoFusion, we manufacturer some of the very best bamboo flooring on the market today. Many flooring stores are now carrying our products, and our online dealer locator tool can help you find a nearby dealer fast and easily. We mention this because we know that many homeowners and business owners in the Portland area need new flooring, but are not sure which type of flooring will best suit their needs. 

We would like all of our readers to know that our bamboo flooring system is right for older homes being renovated, as well as for new homes that are being built. Our flooring systems are great for all types of businesses for a variety of reasons, including fantastic durability and hardness levels that are second to none. This means your new bamboo flooring can last longer than traditional hardwood flooring, and that means savings in your pocket.

And for anyone who thinks that bamboo flooring looks like, well, bamboo, nothing could be further from the truth. Our flooring systems look like the hardwood flooring that you see in any flooring store, but they have all of the benefits that come from an eco-friendly product, including protecting the environment and forests. You can read much more on our manufacturing processes on our website. 

If you are looking for new flooring for your home or business, please consider bamboo flooring from EcoFusion. We believe that we are producing some of the most attractive flooring on the market today; use our locator tool to find a Portland flooring retailer near you who carries our fantastic line of bamboo flooring systems.