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What About Strandwoven Bamboo

Many homeowners are looking towards bamboo for their next flooring install. More specifically, Strandwoven bamboo. It has all the beauty and benefits of regular bamboo, but it’s much stronger and therefore offers a longer lifespan than some other bamboos do.

However, bamboo is still a fairly new flooring material for many homeowners. Because of this, you might not know all the facts, or worse still, you might have gotten facts that aren’t exactly right. That’s why we are here today with some facts about Strandwoven bamboo that will make the material a little easier to understand.

What is Strandwoven Bamboo?

There are many types of bamboo flooring materials, just like there are many species of solid hardwood flooring. Strandwoven is actually a collection of bamboo fibers that have been greatly compressed while under extensive pressure and heat. The result is a natural flooring that is incredibly hard, and can even be used in commercial settings.

Because of the manufacturing process used in creating Strandwoven bamboo, it’s a great choice for hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. However, since it is a natural fiber, you should avoid placing it in areas of high moisture just like you would with hardwood. It’s best to speak to a flooring professional about the specifics.

The Outstanding Benefits of Strandwoven Bamboo

As we said earlier, Strandwoven bamboo is very hard. In fact, it’s more than twice the hardness you can expect from oak flooring. This makes the floor so strong and durable, that you can expect to have this particular floor for quite some time. And  it can also be refinished, adding to the lifespan even more.

One of the things that many people like most about Strandwoven bamboo is that it is both eco-friendly and sustainable. If you care about the environment, as so many people are starting to do, choosing Strandwoven is an excellent way to do something yourself.

Unlike other hardwood flooring materials, bamboo can be installed quickly and easily, in just a fraction of the time it would take to install other hardwoods. You can even purchase bamboo in tongue and groove applications, as well as a click-fitting system.

Choosing Strandwoven Bamboo for Your Floors

If you think you would like to try Strandwoven bamboo flooring in your own home, be sure to check out EcoFusion and a find a retailer near you. They say seeing is believing, and we know that is true for this bamboo floor.