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Very Good News for Some San Francisco Remodeling Jobs

​According the report just released, Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value, it appears many areas will see faster cost returns

on certain remodeling projects. One of those areas is San Francisco. In fact, San Francisco has become one of the hottest real estates markets in America. This is just one of the reasons the city may reap big returns on remodeling projects. Here is the first part of the article that detailed this news.

​“Homeowners in the nation’s hottest real estate markets can expect to reap substantial returns on home-renovation projects that they undertake this year, with the majority of jobs in San Francisco and San Jose projected to earn back 100 percent of their costs.”

Source: www.blog.pacificunion.com

With this kind of positive news, many homeowners and builders will be thinking of making changes to their properties. One of the most important decisions these folks will have to make is what kind of flooring to install. At EcoFusion, we would invite investors and homeowners to consider bamboo flooring.

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Why bamboo? Our flooring is both beautiful and durable. Until you see our flooring lines, it may be difficult to realize just how beautiful our flooring is. Many of those who bought our flooring have raved over how wonderful our products are. But, they are just as amazed at how durable our flooring is. The strand woven bamboo flooring we sell is some of the hardest flooring on the market today. This means that it will last for a very long time.

Why bamboo? You may think our flooring would cost more than traditional hardwood flooring, but that is not true. Our flooring is priced about the same as what any quality hardwood flooring would cost you.

If you would like to know more about our bamboo flooring, simply visit our website and read more on why bamboo is one of the best materials to consider if you need new, high-quality flooring. Let us help you find a flooring retailer in your area that sells strand woven bamboo.