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Using Strand Woven Bamboo in your new or remodeled home

Strand woven bamboo flooring

If you’re a first time home buyer, you might wonder if it’s worth it to purchase a fixer-upper, or whether building your own home provides more benefits. There are pros and cons with each option, of course, especially with the current trends in the market today. But we recently read an article on The Seattle Times that gives a bit more insight.

“When you’re feeling frustrated…remember your “why” – the reason you’re house hunting in the first place. Reconnecting to your desire to have a backyard for your kids, for example, can help you maintain momentum. New construction might sound intimidating and time-consuming, but unless you’re starting from scratch with an architect and a piece of land, it can be surprisingly straightforward and speedy.”

Source: Kate Wood, The Seattle Times

Adding Strand Woven Bamboo to any floor

When it comes to the flooring you choose, finding a product like Strand Woven Bamboo can make all the difference. Bamboo flooring not only looks great in a variety of spaces, but it performs exceptionally well at the same time.

For stunning visuals, consider the wide variety of colors, grain patterns, and formats that this bamboo flooring has to offer. You’re sure to find a perfect match for your wall color and furniture, with a variety of options on hand at all times.

For those who are concerned with eco-friendly flooring, this material gives you great peace of mind. You’ll find no urea-formaldehyde, no harmful VOCs, and absolutely no off-gassing. It’s also important to note that even after this floor covering is more out, it can easily be recycled to create other materials once its use as flooring is over.

As a material that is harvested from 100% Moso bamboo at about six years of growth, this sustainable flooring is classified as a rapidly renewable resource. As such, it provides peace of mind in knowing that you’re helping the environment by not stripping it often of resources. What’s more, it has a lifespan that averages 35 years, with a warranty to match.

If you’re interested in choosing Strand Woven Bamboo for your own home, contact your local Seattle flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion. This may be the very flooring you’ve been waiting for all along.