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Use a variety of installation methods for a gorgeous finished look


Gorgeously finished bamboo flooring in a modern living spaceThere are many ways to get the look you want when you purchase Strand Woven Bamboo flooring. There are plenty of color variations, grain patterns, and finish types, but there are also many other ways to achieve the look you want for your home. Just take a look at this article we recently came across that speaks to installation procedures.

“Start with full-sized planks and lay them down end-to-end across one wall. Place spacers between the planks and the wall, then cut the last flooring plank to fit in place. The second row of planks will start a half-inch [SIC] from the first plank’s position close to the wall. Follow the same pattern, working right to left, alternating each row as you go. Use remnant pieces close to the wall to assist in the stagger.”

Source – Kimberly McGee, Hunker

Bring your floors to life with creative installation

There are many ways to get the look you want for your home’s flooring. Mixing and matching colors, or using them for ambiance and feel, are great ways to accomplish this task. However, when you take these same fantastic materials and install them with fresh, unique ideas, the result will be something that truly makes your home stand out.

Some homeowners choose looks such as herringbone, staggered planks, or wooden mosaics. When you’re researching options like these, your design options are as varied as you want and need them to be. You can create something astonishingly different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

In creating a look that’s all your own, you never have to worry about losing durability or ease of maintenance. These floors are designed to provide an exceptional level of stability, and you’ll love how easy they are to clean and maintain.

Be sure to ask about one of the hottest trends for 2020: blonde bamboo, especially in the naturally wide plank format. In these, you’ll get an extremely versatile and stylishly smooth look. In fifteen years, it’s going to be providing the same amazing benefits.

You can’t forget their eco-friendly characteristics either. You’ll breathe easier knowing that these floors contain no harmful VOCs and no urea-formaldehyde, and they are classified as a rapidly renewable resource as well. What’s more, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan, meaning no viable waste will come as a result of having these floors in place.

For more information about this bamboo flooring, be sure to contact your local Denver flooring retailer. Be sure to ask about an opportunity to come in and see EcoFusion flooring products.