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Understanding the EcoFusion Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Process

Many of those who are thinking of purchasing strand woven bamboo flooring wonder if our EcoFusion products are truly entirely “green”. The answer is yes, and we would like to share some of how we are able to provide such outstanding flooring systems while protecting the environment.
Our primary goal has always been to provide durable, beautiful flooring that is certified environmentally safe and friendly for our customers. We have achieved that goal and we are now the only 100 percent vertically integrated bamboo flooring provider that controls all aspects of the manufacturing process from harvesting to final production of our strand woven bamboo flooring systems. Within our ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility, we are able to control the entire process and to do so without having to use raw materials purchased from the open market.

We offer both strand woven bamboo flooring and strand woven hardwood flooring. Starting with harvested bamboo stalks, we process strands of material that is then carefully dried. We add our own adhesive compound that is free of harmful VOC’s, and then layer the strands into blocks. After further processing, the product is milled into flooring planks.

What this means to consumers is that they can trust our strand woven bamboo flooring, and other flooring products, to be environmentally friendly and truly made in a earth-caring manner. Even our dying processes are geared up to use natural plant-based pigments, with runoff dyes being caught and re-used to prevent introduction into water sources. In other words, it is a zero waste process. Just try and find another flooring manufacturer who can say that.

If you would like to learn more about our EcoFusion flooring products, just let us know via our website. Also, if you own a flooring outlet, and would like to know more on how you can carry our earth-friendly flooring, see our website for contact details. For both consumer and retailer, our strand woven bamboo flooring is simply the best. Check out our dealer locator to find a flooring retailer near you.