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Three Reasons Why Our Strand Woven Bamboo is the Eco-Friendly Real Deal

A few years ago I was longing for some fresh tomato sauce, but I was a strict advocate of only eating the freshest organic produce. It was a snowy day in the Northeast, so I thought my chances of buying organic tomatoes were non-existent. Then I saw the sign.  I rushed over, only to see in teeny, tiny type that they were flown in from another country. Hmmm, transport time would mean loss of nutrients, not to mention the needed fuel for transport! That’s one big carbon footprint.​
I should have known better since I always say:  “Not all organic is the same.”
And that, friends, goes for bamboo flooring.
Sure, it’s all adds natural beauty to your home. There might even be claims from others that “they” are truly eco-friendly, but EcoFusion, manufacturer of the ultra-strong strand woven bamboo really “walks the walk”.

Our strand woven bamboo is harvested from the rapidly renewable MOSO plant, which reaches full maturity in about five years, as opposed to the approximate 25 years for trees.  We cut the bamboo into strands, dry it and then tie it into “railroad blocks”, which we then compress and mill into lumber.
Here are three reasons why we’re so different:

  1. We are 100 percent vertically integrated.  That means we don’t rely upon the open market for one thing. We control every part of the manufacturing process from harvest to final production.  Our facility is ISO 9000 certified and 14000 Certified, and use the Six-Sigma system to ensure quality and consistency.
  2. Our adhesive compounds are free of urea-formaldehyde or dangerous VOCs, so you can be assured of good indoor air quality. Our adhesives meet, or exceed, CARB Phase II, European E-1 standards.
  3. We take nothing away from the earth. MOSO is a rapidly renewable resource. No forests are harmed, no land is destroyed.

Find out for yourself why EcoFusion products are superior; to locate a dealer near you, click here.