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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Remodel in Denver

It’s true that the home market in Denver is struggling to meet buyer’s need

s. In fact, the market is hotter than it has been in a long time. However, many of the homeowners in Denver are remodeling instead of selling. We became even more aware of this when we came across a recent article on the topic in The Denver Post.
“Her three daughters were grown. Her husband died two years ago. The circa 1978 tri-level in southeast Aurora was more house than she needed. And the scorching metro real estate market just begged her to cash out. For Debby Pilloud, the next move seemed obvious: Capitalize on her equity and downsize to a less pricey condo. But like more and more homeowners, Pilloud pumped the brakes, stayed put and invested in some overdue home improvements.”
Source: Kevin Simpson, The Denver Post

It was found that those who had been in their homes for six years or less, often spend more money on these remodeling projects. In fact, many have been taking advantage of the fact that home equity is currently so high, and used that to secure loans to carry these remodels out. Those who do consider selling, are finding that they aren’t able to find a comparable home on such a hot market. Instead, contractors say, spending upwards of $15,000 or more can completely transform your home and give you plenty of reasons to stay.
Time for Strand Woven Bamboo
With the remodeling outlook in Denver so alluring, it might be a good time to consider switching to strand woven bamboo by EcoFusion for your floors. Thanks to the manufacturing process, conditioning and cross-grain engineering, you’ll get a floor that offers you the best in overall stability that won’t expand and contract with temperature changes or humidity.
However, that’s not the only reason to switch over to bamboo flooring. With EcoFusion, you’ll get 100% Moso bamboo that contains absolutely no harmful VOC’s or urea formaldehyde. You have the option of custom ordering your flooring, which comes with a 35-year transferable warranty as well.
To find out more about EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo, be sure to check with a local retailer. We’re sure you’ll quickly see the difference strand woven can make.