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Thanks to the Cost of Selling, It Might Be Better to Remodel Your Home

In some geographic locations, selling your home can be extremely beneficial, financially speaking. In others, however, it can cause you to actually suffer losses, rather than achieving gains. During those times, it can be far better to put that money to work in remodeling, and wait out the slump.
Remodeling actually builds equity in your home that can be even more beneficial when the market recovers, and you stand to make financial gains on your home sale. We came to this conclusion after reading an article in the Seattle times, recently, that you might want to check out for yourself.
“Real estate commissions and other fees can eat up about 10 percent of the sale price of the home. Some expenses are negotiable and fluctuate with the real estate market. But sellers should expect to pay part of the costs in the transaction, and avoid sticker shock at closing time. So, if you sell your house for $250,000, you could end up paying $15,000 in commissions.”
Source: Bridget Sielicki, Seattle Times           
Remodeling Your Floors with Strand Woven Bamboo Makes Sense
What better time than now to spend a portion of what you would spend to sell your home, and place that in remodeling and renovation instead? In fact, having strand woven bamboo installed in your home could potentially raise the sale price in the future. It’s a matter of making your patience, and products like bamboo flooring, work in your favor.
Strand woven bamboo is gaining popularity among homeowners, and for good reason. The benefits of this 100% rapidly renewable resource are becoming more sought after in today’s eco-conscious world. 

EcoFusion processes our own bamboo and imports it directly. It’s only harvested when the bamboo has grown for five to six years. This gives it the perfect strength to be used in our flooring, which features a proprietary engineered cross grain bamboo core. At the same time, there are no harmful VOC’s or formaldehyde added, and it comes with a 35-year transferable warranty as well.
Be sure to contact a retailer near you, and ask about EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo.