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Strandwoven Bamboo Features


  • The ONLY 100% vertically integrated mill importing directly into North America (we grow, harvest and process our own bamboo)
  • Manufactured using 100% Moso Bamboo harvested between 5 and 6 years for ideal strength
  • Proprietary engineered cross-grain bamboo core for optimal performance and stability
  • No added urea formaldehyde or other harmful VOC’s
  • FSC bamboo available (custom order)
  • 35-Year transferrable warranty


Bamboo stalks are crushed into fibers or “strands”. The natural strands are infused with a dense adhesive compound that is free from added urea-formaldehyde and harmful VOC's. These strands are then cold pressed into long “railroad tie” blocks, carefully kiln dried and then conditioned over several months to ensure maximum stability. These long blocks are then precision milled into veneers and conditioned again to meet the various demands of North American climates. The construction features an innovative cross-grain engineered traditional bamboo core to reduce unwanted expansion and contraction with a top and bottom layer of strandwoven bamboo for perfect balance. This dynamic and proprietary construction provides the most stable platform in the flooring industry while still maintaining the status as a 100% rapidly renewable resource.