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Strand Woven Bamboo & Denver’s Improving Economy

If you’ve been waiting for a better time to incorporate strand woven bamboo into your Denver home remodeling project, it could be that better time has finally arrived. In fact, it looks as though Denver is seeing such improvements as less unemployment, higher pay and a greater percentage of sales in the real estate market. 
​Just check out this article from The Business Times, like we did, and you’ll see what we’re talking about:

“Diane Schwenke considers a lot of factors in tracking business conditions in the Grand Valley, among them labor estimates, tax collections and housing starts. But Schwenke also considers the anecdotal information she gathers from the business owners and managers with which she talks nearly every day and what she hears when she poses the same question: How’s business? ‘These days, the answer is usually, Really good, or I’m so busy I can hardly keep up…”

Source: Phil Castle, The Business Times

According to the article, other analysts are also seeing this ongoing forward momentum. Some are noticing not only a migration of people moving into the Denver area, but also a great many people coming into the area from other places, specifically for the employment opportunities.

With economic factors like this in play, it’s a great time to consider that new strand woven bamboo floor you’ve been wanting. When it comes to bamboo flooring, strand woven by EcoFusion gives you a host of benefits you’ll simply love.

To start with, we grow, harvest and process our own bamboo, which is imported directly into North America, into the only 100% vertically integrated mill. That bamboo is 100% Moso Bamboo, which is harvested at about five to six years of age, and which gives it the ideal strength for your floors. You can even custom order your own flooring.

For those concerned about the environment and their health, we are proud to say that we add absolutely no urea formaldehyde or any other harmful VOC’s. In fact, our construction process not only offers the most stable platform in the whole of the flooring industry, but we can also say that we maintain a status of a 100% rapidly renewable resource. Contact a local retailer near you to check out EcoFusion’s strand woven bamboo.