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Strand Woven Bamboo offers an amazing face-lift for any home

EKitchen and family room with bamboo flooringven just a touch of Strand Woven Bamboo flooring can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. With extensive color varieties, finish types, and formats, you’ll easily meet all your décor and interior design needs with flooring that will even sail through changes in flooring trends for many years to come.

We recently read an article that speaks a bit about how amazing bamboo flooring can be, for any home:

“Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of one room in your house or hoping to install a durable eco-friendly option through your home, bamboo floors combine the resilience of hardwood flooring with the easy maintenance of laminate….Bamboo floors are currently very trendy in the interior design industry. They provide a sense of luxury to any living or corporate space and have an alluring appearance similar to that of hardwood flooring.”

Source: Blake Hughes, Freshome

Why choose anything else for your spaces?

There’s no reason to look any further than Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, for all the spaces in your home that need flooring. The classy elegance that comes as a standard characteristic of these floors means you’ll always be current and in style.

Choose from a variety of fashionable colors, from the lightest blondes and creams to dark browns and blacks that will not only match your décor but can also be used to create the perfect mood in specific areas. You’ll love what a simple change of color can do for your surroundings, especially when used in more than one space.

At the same time, you’ll be choosing an eco-friendly product that is classified as a 100% rapidly renewable resource, thanks to our dynamic and proprietary construction. It has no urea formaldehyde or harmful VOCs, so you and your family can breathe easier knowing these floors will never off-gas any harmful fumes.

If you’d like to experience these floors for yourself, be sure to contact your local San Francisco flooring retailer to find out more about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion today!