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Strand Woven Bamboo: Light Versus Dark Colored Flooring

Should you choose the light-colored, creamy-beige, or the decadently-dark, ebony-colored strand woven bamboo? The truth is, picking a new flooring isn’t solely dependent upon preference. Instead, the determining factors include the room, its lighting conditions, and your expectations. 

From pale to dark tones, vivid to somber hues, bamboo flooring comes in a myriad as of amazing colors. In fact, there are so many options to choose from, that it may make your head spin! Yes, picking the ideal color for a room can be daunting, especially considering that your choice may completely change the energy of an area, room, or entire home. Before setting your mind on a specific type of strand woven bamboo, you’ll want to read how choosing the color of flooring affects a space. 
Lighter Colors of Strand Woven Bamboo
If you’re hoping to display a classic look, or achieve a timeless feel, then light colored flooring will do the trick. The great thing about paler shades of bamboo is that it’s effortless to incorporate into a room, as it matches seamlessly with nearly any type of lighting fixtures or ceiling height. Also, these paler shades help to enlarge and brighten a space visually. 

Do you share a home with pets or little people? If you do, then you’ll appreciate how lighter colors of bamboo flooring limit the appearance of scuff marks and scratches. Still, don’t be fooled by those light tones. They’ll pack a punch when it comes to style. Even though they’re paler and have an easier time blending in, they’re no blank canvas. But, if you’re in the mood for a bamboo flooring with a bit more kick in the pale color range, select one that has varying coloration and noticeable texturing.   

Darker Colors of Strand Woven Bamboo
Trend-wise, it’s all about darker bamboo, and it’s no surprise, since it’s a bold move. To liven up a room, you may be surprised to know that darker colors serve as a backdrop to accentuate furniture and decor. So, in places that have an open concept, such as lofts, kitchens, and offices, dark bamboo makes for one eye-catching flooring. That’s not to say that these shades wouldn’t work in smaller areas. Typically, dark floors make a small, dark room feel even darker and smaller. To reverse this visual effect, simply paint your walls in bright or bold colors.   

Even though that gorgeous, darker bamboo is a sight to behold, it may require a bit more maintenance. Darker flooring doesn’t hide dust and scratches as well as it’s light-colored counterpart, so it will need a touch more attention. If this isn’t an issue and your heart is set on dark bamboo, you’ll be getting one seriously stunning flooring.

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