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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Cleaning Hacks That Will Surprise You!

​EcoFusion wants to help you maintain that gorgeous, highly-durable, ever-popular strand woven bamboo flooring with these surprising cleaning hacks. If you’re uncertain about how to clean your new bamboo floors, or are thinking about installing bamboo flooring during a renovation, you’ll need to check out our cleaning tips to extend the lifecycle of your bamboo floors. 

DIY Strand Woven Bamboo Floor Cleaner

With 4 oz. of white vinegar, 24 oz. of hot water and six drops of eucalyptus essential oil, you can make your very own bamboo floor cleaner. Once you’ve mixed these ingredients, use a microfiber towel or Swiffer sweeper to wash your floors. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by how incredibly shiny and squeaky clean this simple DIY bamboo floor cleaner has made your floors!

Cleaning Rover’s Yucky Little Mishaps
The next time your precious Rover gets sick on your bamboo flooring, or just can’t wait for his next fire hydrant visit, you’ll need an iron stomach to clean up after him and some quick cleaning tips to make sure those nasty odors don’t seep into your gorgeous floors. First, regardless of what your precious pup deposited on your bamboo floors, you’ll need to pick it up immediately with a soft, nonabrasive material like a microfiber cloth. Whatever you do, avoid using a scooper that may damage your flooring. Second, soak up any residual liquids, but resist the desire to wipe or rub the floor, as this will embed any leftover mess between the bamboo planks. When it comes to odors, your best defense is white vinegar. Add 2 ounces to a quart of warm water and wash the floors several times with a clean, microfiber mop. 

Removing Glass Shards from Bamboo Flooring
Although it may not happen very often, homeowners are often curious to know how to deal with glass fragments. Since broken glass is a hazard to both you and your bamboo floors, you’ll want to eliminate all of the tiny fragments right away. The easiest way to do so is by using adhesive tape. After cutting a large strip of tape from the spool, attach the ends of the tape strip to form a circle. Slip the tape circle over your fingers and gently apply pressure to the glass fragments. Before attempting to collect any glass shards, we recommend that you use rubber or safety gloves.