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Strand woven bamboo colors enhance your flooring

bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo offers an interesting appearance anywhere it’s installed, adding a specific kind of character to your spaces. It’s a lovely addition that matches a wide variety of decor while remaining amazingly durable. With the vast selection of color options you have to choose from, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you want and need with this material. We even found this article on This Old House that tells even more about color and design options for strand woven bamboo.

“While bamboo flooring is not exactly new, having been around for two decades, it might as well be. In recent years, advances in manufacturing have enhanced its performance and diversified its appearance. The major change: the introduction of superdense “strand woven” bamboo, which can be milled into boards that are two and a half times as hard as red oak.”

Source: Josh Garskof, This Old House

Making the most of all your color options
Some wood is so gorgeous, all it needs is a simple clear coat finish. On the other hand, you can also select Strand Woven Bamboo that is as dark as ebony. With a variety like this, there’s no limit to the possibilities in design you can create. Choose something and go from wall to wall with the same color, or change it up for many different looks in different rooms. Either way you choose to design will be the right way because it will be exactly what you want.

Strand Woven Bamboo makes sense in so many ways. The ideal strength comes from harvesting Moso Bamboo between five and six years of growth while a proprietary engineered cross-grain core gives optimal performance and stability. It’s a much healthier option as well, with absolutely no harmful VOC’s or urea formaldehyde added. On top of all these excellent features and factors, this bamboo flooring continues to remain a 100% rapidly renewable resources, making it very eco-friendly.

If you’d like to know more about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, be sure to contact your local flooring retailer. Ask them if they carry the product and how you can find out more.