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Stay stylish with Strand Woven Bamboo floors












It’s not always easy when purchasing a new floor covering- to pick out a look you love on the first try, but that can change with Strand Woven Bamboo, by EcoFusion. Sometimes, the process is painstaking, but oh, so worth it. While you’re looking for the perfect floor covering, you want to keep your current style in mind, but you might also want to keep an open mind about all the little things you could change as well.

We found an article that talks a bit about bamboo flooring, and you can read a snippet from that article here:

“Because bamboo floors tend to have more going on, with lots of slim strips instead of thicker slabs found in hardwood, it might be beneficial to use color blocking in the rest of the space to provide some balance. Incorporating chunky slabs of furniture, for example, or repeating colors in large quantities are a few ideas for how to do this.”

Source: Brittney Smart, Homedit

Keeping up appearances by using Strand Woven Bamboo

When you choose strand woven bamboo for your home, you’re investing not only in a great floor covering that provides durability, stability, and a great lifespan. You’re also investing in another facet of interior design that can truly make all your spaces stand out. With the variations in format, color, and size, you can create a look that truly speaks to your personality, or you can use the flooring as a basis to begin something brand new. Build around your new flooring with wall colors, artwork, furniture, and more, for a look that’s anything but drab.

What’s more, Strand Woven Bamboo is a green building alternative. If you’re an eco-friendly consumer, you’ll appreciate the fact that our materials are rapidly renewable resources that contain no ureaformaldehyde or harmful VOCs. Instead, you can enjoy the natural style you love while your whole family breathes easier.

To find out more about this amazing floor covering, be sure to contact your local San Francisco flooring retailer. Ask them about Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion and make your appointment to see it for yourself.