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Some Useful Tips on Bamboo Flooring from EcoFusion

At EcoFusion, we manufacturer some of the best bamboo flooring on the market today. We have spent years developing our manufacturing processes, and, therefore, we know a lot about this type of flooring. We want to share a few tips and facts with you here.

For starters, bamboo and strand woven bamboo are quickly making their way into millions of homes across America. There are many reasons for this, and some of those reasons are bamboo’s hardness, durability, and beauty. Quality bamboo flooring is actually harder than oak, and this makes it very durable and long-lasting, when compared to traditional hardwoods.

As you know, bamboo is a grass, but what you may not know is that it is easily renewable. It can be harvested about every 5 years or so, and this is much, much faster than any hardwood tree.

The installation of bamboo flooring is fairly straightforward, but it does require some special knowledge. Bamboo can be installed just like hardwood, and like hardwood, the site prep and acclimation is key to a successful job.  Following the guidelines that we provide with our products will help you avoid any problems. It should be noted that the vast majority of problems associated with bamboo flooring can be traced back to its installation. 

EcoFusion offers consumers some of the most attractive flooring on the market today, and we sell through a number of local flooring retailers. You can use our online dealer locator to find a dealer who carries our flooring. If you are a dealer, you can find contact information on our main website. In both cases, we make it easy for you to find us.

We hope this short fact sheet helped, but we would encourage you to visit our website to learn more on bamboo flooring from EcoFusion.