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Seattle is turning into a sellers market rapidly

If you have felt that home prices in the Seattle area have gone through the roof lately, you are not alone. New research is showing that in some local areas, home prices have gone up by more than 50 percent. On the surface, this may look like good news, especially for those who are selling homes. But, this may not be case, as many otherwise qualified home buyers are not able to buy these higher priced homes. We learned of this in a recent news story:

“The story of the Seattle housing market has become uncomfortably familiar to anyone looking to buy a home. Prices continue to climb while supply continues to fall, and the question for some has turned into more of a desperate plea: When will home buyers start to see some relief? If the past 10 years of home sales data from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service are any indication, relief may never come.”

Source: <a href=”http://www.seattlepi.com/realestate/article/How-much-home-prices-have-increased-in-your-9217877.php“>How much home prices have increased in your Seattle neighborhood</a> by Kirsten O’Brien. 

What this may mean to many current homeowners is that they may have to remain in their homes for the time being, even if they want to move into another home by selling their current home. Many of those who find themselves in this conundrum will invest in their current home, and many will do that by having strand woven bamboo flooring installed.

So, why would they do that? What is so special about strand woven bamboo flooring by EcoFusion? And, what benefits does it have for you specifically? Here are a couple answers to those questions.

For starters, strand woven bamboo flooring is beautiful and tough. It looks like high-grade hardwood flooring, but is made from renewable materials, making it one of the most eco-friendly flooring systems on the market today. For all those who want to do their part to protect the Earth, this is the flooring to look at first.

Secondly, the strand woven bamboo flooring offered by EcoFusion is really no more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring. In some cases, it is even less expensive.

If you would like to know more about where you can find EcoFusion flooring in Seattle, or if you own a retail flooring store and would like to carry our strand woven bamboo flooring, visit our website where you can find contact information and the answers to any of your questions.