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Saving money in one way can allow you to spend more in another

Anyone who has attempted to do any sort of home remodel has had to deal with setting a budget. It can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking to remodel more than one room, or if you happen to want a variety of new additions to your home. The good news is, you can still have new strand woven bamboo flooring, along with new countertops, appliances and fixtures. The key is making that budget work in your favor.
Helping us do that today is a helpful article from The Olympian that we recently ran across. It directs the reader to some low-cost design options that will leave you with plenty left over for your bamboo flooring.

“Whether you are looking to sell or dwell, there is always room to infuse a fresh, new look into a space that may be perceived as tired, worn or outdated. While a full renovation may be an option, it doesn’t have to be. With a bit of creativity, planning and perhaps a bit of do-it-yourself work, making your home feel inviting and refreshed doesn’t have to break the bank.”

Source: Cathy Hobbs, The Olympian

Here a Little, There a Little
If you have your heart set on strand woven bamboo, it’s likely that nothing else will fill that gap. With the tips you’ll find in the above mentioned article, we hope it becomes a much easier task for you. Everyone deserves to reap the benefits of this truly unique floor covering in their own home, and it works especially well in a Seattle environment.

If you are unfamiliar with all the features offered with EcoFusion’s bamboo, let us give you a few of them now. First, we grow, harvest and process our own bamboo, so there are no outside companies involved with our flooring. No harmful chemicals are added, at any time during processing, and that includes urea formaldehyde and other harmful VOC’s. Our flooring features a cross-grain bamboo core for the absolute best in performance and stability. Furthermore, you can custom order your flooring, which comes with a 35-year transferable warranty.

For even more benefits of this amazing strand woven bamboo flooring, be sure to check out EcoFusion at one of your local retailers.