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San Francisco Residents Decorate their Homes with Gorgeous, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring

​This story can certainly put you in the holiday spirit: www.sfgate.com by Alejandra Bennett.

The EcoFusion distributors in San Francisco are seeing that, as we’re moving toward 2018, Bamboo Flooring is named as a 2018 trend. 

As people are becoming more environmentally aware, it’s fast becoming the choice that offers the best of both worlds. Bamboo floors are beautiful, durable and easy to clean; It looks and acts like hardwood, with all the colors, patterns and species; In fact, at first glance, hardwood and bamboo are so similar in style that people often mistake the two.

Bamboo isn’t hardwood, though; it is created from the rapidly renewable bamboo plant.  The bamboo plants renew themselves in three to four years, as opposed to trees which take anywhere from 20+ years to be ready for harvest. To create a visual, think of this: Bamboo grows so fast and so high, you’ll never have a plant on your desk! 

Green products aren’t just some vague concept but, rather, it is a real desire of people who want to remodel, but with a concern for the planet. The type of bamboo used by EcoFusion is one major reason why EcoFusion is such a green product. It qualifies for credit under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) which was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, and is the benchmark for environmentally friendly products in the United States. Moso is one of the most beneficial bamboos for crop and agriculture.

Both solid traditional and Strand Woven versions of EcoFusion bamboo are made from the Moso bamboo plant, a native of China that can grow up to 92 feet. It has an extensive root system that keeps the soil compact, preventing erosion. It reduces greenhouse gases and growing naturally without toxic chemicals, pesticides or heavy machinery. Moso bamboo absorbs about five times the carbon dioxide, and produces about 35 percent more oxygen than some trees. And no worries about GMOs, because there are no GMO versions.

While all bamboo is very durable, if you want even more protection because your home has kids, pets or just heavy traffic, choose Strand Woven Bamboo, because it’s ultra-tough (2X that of oak, 3X that of regular bamboo.)

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