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Rugs are a great addition to your Strand Woven Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring from Eco Fusion

Rugs are a great asset in the home for a variety of reasons. They can add depth in design and color, create a warm, comfortable spot for child’s play, and protect your floors from everyday wear. What’s more, you can choose ready-made rugs or have your rugs custom made specifically for your Strand Woven Bamboo flooring. Just check out what we read in a recent article regarding this topic:

“The best rugs for bamboo flooring are designed to not interact with the floor materials. They should be scratch-resistant and colorfast. A rug can keep sunlight from damaging bamboo flooring. Look for non-slip rugs, as well as UV and water-resistant. This will keep the bamboo flooring from getting damaged over time and keep it in its best condition.”

Source: Kimberly McGee, Hunker

Strand Woven Bamboo works well with rugs

You’ll find amazing colors and formats in this particular floor covering, including everything from the lightest light to ebony black. It’s not hard at all to find a color that matches your décor perfectly. However, if you choose an utterly neutral floor color, it’s no longer the focal point of your space.

A neutral floor will allow you plenty of options in spicing up your interior design scheme, and yes, your area rugs as well. You can choose one large rug to create a focal point that draws the eyes of your guests, or scatter a few here and there for more practical purposes or warmth.

Area rugs are perfect in the busiest areas of your home, as they work to trap and hold dirt and debris that could otherwise scratch or mar your bamboo. You can either vacuum these rugs or take them out and shake them off once a day, to make sure your bamboo is never harmed and looks great for years ahead.

Remember that Strand Woven Bamboo offers a green flooring option, with absolutely no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde. With a unique construction, they are also known to be a rapidly renewable resource. Made from 100% Moso bamboo, these floors are everything you need from a floor covering.

If you’re interested in seeing these floors for yourself, be sure to contact your San Francisco flooring retailer and ask about EcoFusion products.