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Remodel your home with the perfect strand woven bamboo

The perfect strand woven bamboo flooring

The best part about many new home purchases is that you can personalize them to your heart’s content with just a few changes here and there. New flooring is a massive opportunity to create ambiance, style, and durability that will last for years. And you can create the project with the assistance of flooring professionals who offer expert consultation.

Just look at some of the advice offered in this news article we came across on the Seattle Times:

“Finally, prioritize your remodeling “wish list.” As any agent will tell you, your idea of “perfect” will probably need to be re-evaluated. A home may not be perfect from the outset, but with a little imagination and the right team of people, you can view a home through the lens of professionals. There are endless possibilities, so sit down and think about your must-haves versus your wants.”

Source: Jason Legat, Seattle Times

Choosing the best bamboo flooring for your home

Strand woven bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for so many reasons. Not only does this line offer extensive color and style options, but it’s durable, stable, and is very resistant to wear. It’s one of the hardest “hardwood” alternatives available on the market today.

If eco-friendly flooring is essential to you, again, this is an excellent opportunity to make an impact with your green building choice. This material contains no harmful VOCs or urea-formaldehyde, so there’s no off-gassing. Your air quality will clean and clear, offering a healthier space for your whole family.

Sustainable flooring makes a big difference for our planet. The materials and manufacturing processes used to create this bamboo are entirely sustainable, and our bamboo products are classified as rapidly renewable resources.

With a 35-year transferrable warranty, you’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to replace this floor covering any time soon. Instead, you can enjoy it for years ahead, even in the face of trend changes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Strand Woven Bamboo, contact your local Seattle flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion.