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Reflooring Your Seattle Home in 2018

If you happen to be a resident of Seattle, WA, then you know that now could be a prime time to consider new flooring, especially strand woven bamboo. Not only is it an excellent hardwood choice, given its resistance to the moisture and humidity that is so common to the area, but the very landscape of the housing arena is inviting for such ventures.
We recently came across an article in a Seattle publication that gives some insight into the housing boom:

“Seattle has been the construction crane capital of the country for a few years running now, and it shows. 2017 was a boom year for residential construction, with 12, 008 new units sprouting up in the Seattle area, according to analysis by real estate data company Realpage. That’s around 50 percent more than 2016, which saw 7,935 new units hit the market. And residential construction shows no signs of slowing down…”

Source: Curbed Seattle, Sarah Anne Lloyd

What This Means For You
Of course, if you happen to be one of those moving into a new construction, you have your choice of flooring options. EcoFusion’s strand woven bamboo is a great choice for a brand new floor because it comes with a 35-year warranty that is transferable. On the other hand, this type of flooring also makes a great addition to a renovation project as well.

You do not have to be considering a brand new build to think about new flooring. Remodeling your floors can breathe new life into an older home, with bamboo flooring as a safer, greener and more feasible alternative to many other types of flooring.

Consider the fact that EcoFusion adds no urea-formaldehyde or VOC’s to our flooring. It’s also a 100% renewable resource that is manufactured in such a way as to provide optimum stability and performance. Our Moso Bamboo is harvested between five and six years, which means it will have the ideal strength for your project and custom orders are even available. Another important feature is the innovative cross-grain engineering that reduces expansion and contraction, which is an important factor for strand woven bamboo in your Seattle, WA home.