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Post-Installation Care for Premium Strand Woven Bamboo

If you want your strand woven bamboo flooring to retain its original beauty and value, then you’ll need to care for your new installation. Although that sounds pretty obvious, what you may not realize is that any type of floor, no matter how durable and easy to maintain, requires some consideration and prudence. To find out more about caring for your strand woven bamboo, read through our EcoFusion post-installation guide. 
Weekly Upkeep and Cleaning
These floors are wonderfully easy to maintain, unlike many other kinds of surfacing materials. To be honest, upkeep couldn’t be simpler, and all you’ll ever really need is a dry mop. Many homeowners do like to vacuum, and that’s perfectly fine, as long as they use an attachment with a soft brush to avoid scratching the surface. But, when it comes down to it, a dry mop can handle everything, as the dry version attracts and collects dust, and the dampened version mops and cleans the floors. 

Avoid Dents, Scuffs, and Scratches
Since it is manufactured with a protective coating, this type of surfacing material doesn’t require additional top layers. Having said that, you do need to be mindful of your new floors, paying attention not to damage the surfacing in any way. That means, avoid walking around in shoes, and keep pet claws trimmed. Aside from these day-to-day occurrences, be extra considerate of where you place heavy objects in the home, be it temporary things like boxes, or semi-permanent objects such as furniture. The simplest way to prevent irreversible damage is to add rugs, mats, or runners in high-traffic areas, as well as adopting the use felt furniture pads to minimize contact between the floor and heavy items. 

Clean Up Water Mishaps Immediately
There’s no need to panic if some liquids spill on the floor, but floods and water disasters will be more problematic. To avoid all water-related issues, clean up liquid mishaps immediately. Obviously, mopping your room is a perfectly normal aspect of cleaning, but too much water can pose an issue. Avoid this situation altogether, by keeping paper towels and dry cloths handy.

Plan Ahead With Extra Planks
Hey, it never hurts to plan ahead, so why not play it smart and keep a few extra planks in then storage room. Many homeowners make the huge mistake of throwing the rest of their surfacing materials out, once a job is complete, but that’s not the best move. Instead, store a few planks, in the event that something does end up seriously destroying an area of your floors. With professional installers, it’ll only take a few minutes to fix a damaged section.