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Portland’s Hazelnut Grove and Strandwoven Bamboo:  A Tale of Two Transformations

​A recent story in the Portland Tribune told us about Hazelnut Grove, a homeless village of tiny houses built in East Portland. What began as a homeless tent community became a “locked door” community. That’s not to say its homeownership, but it provides a sense of community, support and, most importantly, a place where one can sleep without fear of robbery, physical or sexual assault.

It’s really a story of hope and transformation, and how a step-by-step series can result in positive change. The story features one young man and his journey through the foster system, which began at age 9, and led to homelessness; he’s finally regaining his life.

Good job, Portland: www.portlandtribune.com

If you really think about it, design and manufacturing are all about metamorphosis as well.

Take Strandwoven Bamboo; bamboo is gorgeous, and gives any living area a sense of richness that can only really be found in exotic woods. 

It’s also eco-friendly and sustainable, and that’s a big pro.

Bamboo can be weak, and that’s a big con.

So, it was only natural for the manufacturers to develop a way to make bamboo stronger: That resulted in Strandwoven bamboo; it’s ultra-strong (three times stronger than regular bamboo), is just as environmentally-friendly and renewable (in fact, it’s made from MOSO, a fast-growing, giant bamboo), and gives the consumer the ability to have it all, at least when it comes to flooring.

Here’s what makes Strandwoven bamboo such a great bamboo option: First, you need to know that bamboo is a grass, it’s not wood.  It grows really tall (you will never find it in a pot growing in anyone’s home or office), and it’s very fibrous. 

Once harvested, the bamboo is cut into strips and shredded into fiber strands. Then it’s “woven.” The way the fibers cross each other in the “weave” are what make Strandwoven bamboo so strong. Then, to make it even stronger, a resin is applied and the whole thing is compressed and put under some pretty intense pressure using cold press method.

Wondering where to find Strandwoven bamboo?  Visit EcoFusion online to find a retailer near you.