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Portland Water Will Take Action to Remove Lead Per EPA Guidance

Portland has long been known for its environmental interests. When it comes to things such as new flooring, consumers ask: why bamboo? Answer: No VOC’s and no cutting down old forests of trees. When asked: Do we have to drink lead in our water? Answer: No, not if new water processing methods are put into place. And that is exactly what is happening now as the EPA is pushing Portland to increase its pH level as a way of combating lead in drinking water. The increase is slight, from pH 8 to 8.2, but it can help to prevent old water pipes from leeching lead that they carry into the water.

Here is the beginning of this important story:

​“Under pressure to reduce lead in drinking water, the Portland Water Bureau on Friday agreed to increase pH levels and evaluate the effectiveness of related programs. Now it’s up to state regulators to sign off. Portland submitted its plan to the Oregon Health Authority in response to heightened concerns over the city’s persistently high lead levels. Portland has the highest reported lead levels of any major water provider nationally and recent testing of high-risk homes exceeded federal benchmarks.”

Source: www.oregonlive.com

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