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Portland Thinking o f New Ideas and Ways to Help Homeless Women

Innovation, creativity, thinking outside the box, are just a few ways to describe how Portland is beginning to answer its homeless women’s issues. With more homeless women in the city than ever before, something had to be done to increase shelter space. And, through some forward thinking, a part of this problem may be solved. In a recent article, we read about plans to use tiny homes, set up in small villages, as a possible way of helping these women. Here is the first part of this interesting story.

“PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — The future is looking mostly bright for Portland’s first village of transitional tiny homes for homeless women. A vote at a March 8 Kenton Neighborhood Association board meeting will take place to determine the project’s fate, since organizers don’t want to move forward without neighborhood support. Many organizations and the city have been working together on the Partners On Dwelling (POD) Initiative since last year.”

Source: www.koin.com

The story went on to say that, if approved, the homes will be in place by March.

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