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Portland is a Popular Neighborhood to Live In

It’s hard to gather up the excitement to embark on a home renovation like reflooring, when the neighborhood you live in is less than perfect. Of course, there is no “perfect neighborhood”, as they all have their quirks, but we recently found out that Portland is one of the most 15 in-demand neighborhoods in all of Oregon right now. That’s not only exciting for Portland residents, but it can also provide the extra desire to get that flooring renovation finished, especially when that flooring is strand woven bamboo. Check out this snippet:
“Home sales in the Portland area remained at a low level in the year’s first quarter, but the slow sales belie heavy competition in some areas, particularly where homes remain relatively affordable. Using data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service, we compared how many homes were on the market at the beginning of April, with the number sold during the three months prior to determine the 15 most in-demand neighborhoods this spring.”
Elliot Njus: The Oregon Live
The article goes on to explain why the Portland area attained the #4 spot on the list. It seems that during the time invested in the study, 97 were available and they spent 33 days, on average, on the market, with an average selling price of just over a quarter of a million dollars.
What a Time for Strand Woven Bamboo
It seems like a really good time to undertake that reflooring project you’ve been thinking about diving in to. Whether you are planning to stay right where you are, or selling your home at some future point, you can’t go wrong with a market set up as it is now.
Furthermore, bamboo flooring is an excellent choice, especially in the Portland, OR area. For starters, you can rest assured of the strength and durability, as EcoFusion’s 100% Moso Bamboo is harvested at five to six years of growth for the manufacturing process, resulting in flooring that is very strong. Adding to that strength is the cross-grain engineering that gives the best possible stability and performance overall.