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Portland Community Builds Tiny Houses for Homeless Women

​It is always heartwarming to see communities rally together to help others and Portland is no different.  The community, manned by a few dozen volunteers, is building a tiny house village for homeless women to live in.

“On Saturday, 14 women will move into Portland’s newest approach to the city’s growing homelessness crisis. They will live in extra-tiny houses and share communal living duties as they work to find more permanent housing… The village is one-year pilot project to demonstrate how tiny homes might be used to replace large shelters for some people who have trauma or resistance to living in close quarters with other homeless people.”

Source: www.oregonlive.com

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We manufacture bamboo and strand woven bamboo flooring which are becoming more popular daily for flooring in homes everywhere, not just Portland. The cool thing about bamboo is that it is a harder wood than even oak, AND it is sustainable and renewable. The harvest cycle is just five years, which is a lot faster than any traditional hardwood tree. 

One of the differences between a traditional hardwood flooring and bamboo is in the installation.  It is important to have your bamboo floors installed by a professional who understands the nuances of bamboo installations. 
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