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Now May Be the Best Time to Remodel with Strand Woven Bamboo

Strand woven bamboo is gaining in popularity among homeowners who want to take advantage of the many benefits this floor covering

has to offer. If you happen to live in or around the Denver, Colorado area, now might be the best time to consider taking on that remodeling project you’ve had in mind for so long. As it so happens, there’s been a sharp incline in home renovations in the area, as we recently found out, thanks to the following article:

“If you’re struggling to find a handyman or a contractor for a home remodel or just a small job, you’re not alone. There’s a home renovation boom in Colorado.  Contractors have so much work, they just can’t keep up. The issue is partially related to skyrocketing home values in Colorado. With rising home prices and low interest rates, Coloradans are taking out home equity loans and spending that cash on fixing up their kitchens, bathrooms…”

Source: Russell Haythorn – thedenverchannel.com

While finding a home contractor for an overall home remodel might be a bit daunting right now in Denver, that shouldn’t discourage you from researching the current availability of bamboo flooring. In fact, you can check out EcoFusion to find a dealer near you that carries our strand woven bamboo, and it’s likely they’ll also have flooring professionals that can also install it, with little to no wait.

As more and more homeowners are tapping into the equity of their home. and putting it right back in because it’s worth it, it only makes sense for you to consider doing the same. In addition, with strand woven bamboo, you’ll reap all the benefits not just from new flooring, but also from a flooring that has so much to offer.

For instance, since we manufacture our own bamboo, we can harvest it after five or six years, which allows for optimal strength. Our products are guaranteed to contain no urea formaldehyde or VOC’s that are known to be harmful. You can also custom order our flooring, and it comes with a 35-year warranty that is transferable.