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More Trouble With San Francisco Housing Plans

​It is getting hard to keep up with housing news in San Francisco. And no wonder. Some want things to stay as they are, while others are demanding that lower-cost housing be built so more people can afford to live here. We don’t know what the answer is but here is just one more story on how this is playing out on the political level.

“State Senator Scott Wiener took to Medium over the weekend to pen a nearly 1,700-word essay on the merits of new market-rate housing construction in the Bay Area and California. In piece titled “Market-Rate Housing Isn’t a Bad Word, and We Won’t Solve the Housing Crisis Without It,” Senator Wiener alleges that lawmakers and community groups show “skepticism and even hostility” toward any new construction that is not “exclusively or largely [focused] on publicly subsidized, income-based affordable housing.”

Source: www.sf.curbed.com

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