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More Reasons Than Ever to Invest in New Flooring

bamboo flooring in Portland

In the Portland area, there is the possibility of a great deal of money coming back to pockets of taxpayers very soon. In fact, economists say taxpayers stand to gain just shy of $700 million, which will come in a form known as “kicker” payments. The economists say much of this will come as tax credits, but could spell out what looks like a less bleak financial gain for Oregon residents.

Just take a look at the article we found recently on the OPB website:

“State economists now anticipate almost $78 million more from personal income taxes than in June, and $11 million more in corporate income taxes. And because of the deaths of a number of extremely wealthy individuals, the state also expects to generate more than $50 million more in estate taxes. In all, economists say the state may take in more than $1 billion more than they estimated at the close of last year’s legislative session.”

Source – Dirk VanderHart, OPB

Better Finances Equals Better Flooring

When things are going well in the economy, it just makes more sense to add value to your home through some type of remodeling or addition. Nothing makes more sense in that situation, especially in the Portland area, than Strand Woven Bamboo. In addition to being a beautiful hardwood material that holds all the benefits you might expect, it’s also a 100% renewable resource, which makes green building an absolute possibility. Whether green building was your focus or not, it’s an added incentive that certainly doesn’t hurt.

Strand Woven Bamboo has so much to offer, you’re likely to find yourself wondering why you hadn’t considered it before. While bamboo flooring is gorgeous and has a great life span, you may not be aware of some of our features in this particular product. Features, for instance, such as the fact that it is manufactured using 100% Moso bamboo, that’s harvested for ideal strength after five or six years of growth. There’s also the fact that our flooring is made with no urea formaldehyde or VOC’s added in during production. You can even custom order your own FSC bamboo, and take advantage of the 35-year transferable warranty as well.

Be sure to visit your local flooring retailer and ask them about even more details for Strand Woven Bamboo.