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Loving Your Bamboo!

​Bamboo Flooring! It’s a product that isn’t really talked about all that much when a consumer is looking to buy materials for their remodeling project. Bamboo flooring for your Seattle home can be a versatile product that is environmentally friendly, and budget friendlier than other options. 
Bamboo is a grass and it is the fastest growing plant on earth. It grows from a seedling to maturity in 5 years and at that time, can be harvested to create a number of products including flooring. It will, once again, grow to maturity in 5 years, as long as the root system remains intact. This makes Bamboo the most environmentally friendly of flooring materials.

Once Bamboo is harvested to create flooring it can be utilized in two ways. It can be cut and pressed into planks to create bamboo flooring that is naturally as durable as hardwood or engineered hardwood with all of their beauty as well. The planks can be nailed or glued down on the subfloor. It can also be stacked and pressed together with resin to create a block that is then placed in a lathe to be laser cut into a tongue and groove design for placement as a floating floor.

Bamboo comes in a variety of colors from rich browns to darker colors, and even white. Bamboo saves trees from being cut down because of its growth rate and highly desirable appearance. Hardwood isn’t necessarily needed to get the warm feeling of the outdoors in your home, because bamboo can give it to you while keeping your budget in line. As a highly sustainable product it also helps you to rest easy, knowing you have done your part to be environmentally friendly.

If you are having trouble finding bamboo flooring for your Seattle home, just visit EcoFusion’s website at ecofusionflooring.com, to find a bamboo flooring retailer in Seattle. Remember bamboo flooring is beautiful, sustainable, affordable and durable. It is a smart choice for anyone who wishes to bring a new sense of style to their home while being environmentally responsible.