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Looking for New Home Remodeling Ideas?

home renovation

Sometimes, homeowners simply need a change in their surroundings, and often for no other reasons than to switch things up a bit. In fact, while many homeowners think safely inside the box when it comes to home renovation, some are stepping outside the conventional measures, to add eclectic uniqueness to areas you wouldn’t normally think about renovating.

For example, take a look at what this Seattle couple did to their home in this recent news article we found in the Seattle Mag:

“Dynamic DIY duo, Cathy and Garrett Poshusta, the brains/brawn behind The Grit and Polish, are quickly gaining ground in the design world. The Seattle-based husband and wife team are known for their practical yet stunning home renovations and savvy business sense, “house-racking” their way to financial freedom by renovating and renting homes in a tight real estate market.”

Source: Darien Parish Rozell – Seattle Mag

Making the Most of Your Spaces
If you have some space in your home that just seems to have no real purpose, such as an old sewing room, unused bedroom, or garage space, it might be time to breathe some new life into it. One great way to do that is by adding Strand Woven Bamboo flooring and watching the whole room simply take on a life of its own. The space you renovate doesn’t even have to be unused space. It could be that you’ve needed a new look for your office or bedroom for a while now, and just didn’t quite know how to jazz things up.

Strand Woven Bamboo can make a real statement, not just in how amazing the finished floors will look, but in some of the lesser known facts about this material. Did you know that this flooring material is a great choice for the eco-friendly consumer? Rated as a 100% rapidly renewable resource, you can breathe easier knowing that it won’t take thirty years for bamboo to grow back.

Furthermore, there are no harmful VOC’s, and no urea formaldehyde in these products, so they’re much safer to install in your home. If you think Strand Woven Bamboo might be the floor for you, be sure to ask a local retailer about EcoFusion and this particular line of flooring.