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Lloyd Wright Home Begins Extensive Renovations

A story came out recently that will please both classic film buffs and those who love the architectural beauty of old Hollywood homes. The home in question was built back in 1928 for the star of the classic movie, Ben Hur, Ramon Novarro. The home reminds one of that romantic time when Hollywood stars built lavish houses on hilly properties that were stunning, then and now. This home has four levels, a pergola, swimming pool, music room and a variety of terraces. It was designed by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, and its past owners include Diane Keaton and Christina Ricci. New renovations are now taking place, you may like to read about them. Here is a portion of that story.

“When Justin Krzyston of Los Angeles–based Stonehurst Construction took on the renovation of Lloyd Wright’s (architect son of Frank Lloyd Wright) Samuel-Novarro House, the stakes were especially high. “This was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on due to its being a historic cultural monument and to the old age of many of the original finishes and fixtures,” says Krzyston.”

Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

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