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LA Snow White Castle Can Now Be Rented 

If you are a romantic, you may be interested in the wonderfully unique home that is now allowing nightly rentals. The home is commonly known as the Snow White castle, and it is truly a work of art. We learned of this opportunity in a recent story. Here is a bit of that story:

“We all know the charming story of Snow White, complete with a woodsy cottage, seven dwarfs and animals that double as housekeepers. One thing definitely not included in that original fairytale, though? The major potential Snow’s cottage had in the rental market. A 1,200-square-foot property in Hollywood Hills, California is now available for rent, and is thought to have inspired the 1937 Disney film “Snow White,” according to the listing.”

Source: <a href=”http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/news/a9082/short-term-rental-cottage/“>You Can Now Live In Snow White’s Magical Cottage</a> by Kelsey Kloss.

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