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There’s no reason to thing you have to be stuck in one particular design trend when choosing Strand Woven Bamboo for your home’s floors. With this product, you actually get extensive variety in formats, stain colors, and grain patterns that work to make a perfect accent to any décor you currently have in place.

We’d like to share a bit from an article we recently found on the web speaking to the décor-enriching factor of bamboo flooring. “Whether you’re warm and traditional, cool and contemporary, modern and minimalistic; bamboo blends phenomenally with every style. With exotic textures, endless colors, patterns, options and stains to chose [sic] from, where does one begin to select the perfect flooring…?”

Source: Design Connection, Inc.

Strand Woven Bamboo for any style, décor, or design The reason these products fit so well with such a wide variety of décor and interior design options is that it’s an all-natural material that brings the beauty of the earth into your own home. They seem to match just about everything, and if they don’t, all you’ll really need to do is choose a different color or format to totally transform your home.

When you see the vast selection of colors and formats available from EcoFusion, you’ll quickly see how this is possible. Colors range from very light to nearly black, so you can truly set the style, room by room. If you’re doing a complete home remodel, you can even start with this flooring and then build around the amazing look you’re simply going to fall in love with.

For the eco-conscious consumer, Strand Woven Bamboo offers even more. In these products, which are classified as rapidly renewable resources, you’ll find no urea formaldehyde and no harmful VOCs, so you never have to worry about potential off-gassing as you would with other materials of its kind. Instead, you can enjoy this green building material in every space.

If you’d like to find out more about this material, or would like to see it for yourself, simply contact your local Portland flooring retailer and ask about products by EcoFusion.