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Is Strandwoven Bamboo Pet-Friendly?

When homeowners that have pets try to decide which flooring is right for their latest home makeover, they often overlook strandwoven bamboo. There’s a gross misconception that strandwoven bamboo, because of its refined look and high-quality craftsmanship, can’t hold up to busy households that include messy kids and even messier pets. The truth, however, is far from that, as strandwoven bamboo is exceptionally durable, making it pet, kid, and life-friendly. 

Strandwoven Bamboo Can Handle Your Darling Doberman
Should your impressively large Doberman accidentally scuff or scratch your floors, there’ll be no need for a lengthy time-out, because those unsightly marks typically disappear once you mop your floors. To eliminate any needless anxiety over floor scratches, you simply need to keep your pet’s claws trimmed. If you don’t have the time to do this, then, depending upon the size of your pet, claw caps may be the answer to your floor scratching problems. Soft Paws, pet nail caps that easily slip onto your pet’s claws, will help protect your strand woven bamboo floors from life’s little pet mishaps. 
Does Your Pet Have their Food Bowl Directly on Your Strandwoven Bamboo Floors?
To stop messy food or water spills from staining your bamboo, you’ll need to place a protective mat or small rug underneath your pet’s food area. To further preserve the area around your pet’s established eating spot, anti-spill food and water bowls are a great floor preserver and anxiety preventer.

Strandwoven Bamboo Can Handle Stinky Messes
Sometimes in life, accidents can happen, and sometimes they can be pretty darn stinky. Should Princess dash to the backyard door, and not make it on time, just clean up that mess right away. When you eliminate urine, feces, and vomit from strandwoven bamboo as quickly as possible, you minimize the chance of pet accident odors and stains. 

EcoFusion Strandwoven Bamboo, the Most Durable Pet-Friendly Bamboo Flooring
In the broad world of premium grade strandwoven bamboo flooring, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more pet-proof bamboo flooring, as strand woven bamboo is the strongest, hardest, and most durable of all the bamboo flooring types on the market.  

Thanks to its thick, interwoven bamboo stalks, these long, strong fibrous braids, after heating and compression, form flooring boards that are known to be one of the strongest on the market. 

For more information on strandwoven bamboo, check out EcoFusion to find a retailer near you.