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Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Anyone interested in selling their home is always looking to get a higher price than what they paid for it. It’s only human nature, but it can also be the product of careful planning. It’s also common knowledge that upgrading and remodeling your home, prior to selling it, will bring a better price as well. If you’re still a ways off from selling, all the better, as your home only has more time to increase in value.
We recently came across an article that tells us homeowner profits are currently on the increase. That means that with a little addition here and there, especially in flooring, you could also reap a great benefit from this, especially in the Denver area. We found the following article to be very interesting:

“Last year, houses sold for $33,000 more than homeowners paid for their properties, according to a Zillow Analysis released last week. Columbus-area sellers profited slightly less than the national median of $38,856, which translates into an annual return of 2.94 percent. San Jose, California, homeowners sold their homes for $296,000 more than they paid, the highest profit in the nation.”

Source: Jim Weiker, The Columbus Dispatch

Denver, Colorado ranks only second behind Dallas, Texas as the most confident city in our nation right now, in terms of market resale value. This can be improved upon all the more, with the addition of new flooring, in the form of EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo. 

Strand Woven Bamboo is considered hardwood flooring, which is still very sought after by those looking to purchase a new home. However, that’s not the only thing that makes this floor covering desirable. It’s also a 100% rapidly renewable resource, which means for those eco-friendly homebuyers, this floor will be a huge hit.

There are far more benefits to this remarkable floor covering as well, and ones we think will not only be popular this year, but will stand the test of time. Take, for instance, the fact that ours is the only 100% vertically integrated mill importing directly into North America, as we grow, harvest and process our own bamboo. Additionally, that bamboo is harvested at five to six years of growth, allowing for the absolute ideal strength.

For even more benefits and features of Strand Woven Bamboo, check out EcoFusion, sold by a retailer near you.