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If you’re ready to design, Strand Woven Bamboo can help

bamboo flooring installation

If you’re ready to design, Strand Woven Bamboo can help

A personal style is important to homeowners and can create a wonderful sense of individuality. Of course, other people utilize bamboo flooring in their homes, but you want yours to be set apart. The good news is, that is easily accomplished thanks to the variety of looks, colors, and board sizes. Overall, you can create a style that is truly all your own, with just a few design secrets here and there. We recently came across an article that talks about the many benefits of this material.

“…Trees take decades if not centuries to grow to harvestable size, and they leave stumps behind once they’ve been cut down. Bamboo, on the other hand, grows so quickly that it is considered old-growth in just four years, and it sends up new shoots on its own. Highly renewable stalks are shredded into fibers and pressed into boards to create the look of traditional wood flooring that homeowners want.”

Source: Rachel Lyon, The House Designers

Investing in Strand Woven Bamboo
When you choose Strand Woven Bamboo by EcoFusion, you’re not just choosing any bamboo. You’ll also be getting the best style, design, and color for your home, with extensive variety to choose from. For instance, we have an extensive selection of color and stain options, from nearly clear to dark black, and everything in between.

Having this much diversity in the colors you can choose from offers excellent possibilities for designing and matching your existing decor. From simple rustic furnishings to modern tastes, Strand Woven Bamboo fits in extremely well with all of them quite well. In fact, if you’re doing an extensive remodel, you can even choose the perfect colors and appearances and then build your decor around it.

But, looks aren’t everything. Strength, performance, and stability are very important as well, and this floor covering won’t let you down. Our Moso Bamboo is allowed to grow for five to six years before being harvested so that it has the ideal level of strength. It features a cross-grain bamboo core for the very best in stability and performance. You’ll find no harmful VOC’s or urea formaldehyde for a more eco-friendly flooring that’s simply healthier for your family.