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How We Do It

Raw Materials

Hardwood Scraps
Renewable Bamboo

Compressed Blocks

Pallets of compressed “railroad tie” shaped blocks

Pallets of compressed “railroad tie” shaped blocks

Finished Product

Color Fusion™ STORMY NIGHT
Engineered Strand Woven Bamboo


The driving force behind the EcoFusion products is the idea of creating a beautiful floor that is more durable and environmentally friendly than any hardwood or bamboo product in the world. Perhaps the most important aspect in the manufacturing process is the fact that EcoFusion controls the raw material from harvest to final production. Although others may also make this claim, EcoFusion is truly THE ONLY 100% vertically integrated bamboo product imported into North America. This allows our ISO 9000 Certified facility to control the quality from start to finish without relying on raw materials from the open market.

Our unique manufacturing process is similar for both strand woven bamboo and strand woven hardwood. The bamboo starts with carefully harvested stalks that are shredded into “strands”. These strands are dried and coated with a unique adhesive compound that is free from any added urea-formaldehyde or other harmful VOC’s. The coated strands are then layered into a mold and compressed into long “railroad tie” shaped blocks without the use of heat. These long, dense blocks are then carefully kiln dried in a kiln fueled by the waste material gathered by cutting the original bamboo. The cured block goes through several additional “drying” and conditioning steps prior to being milled into flooring planks to ensure the product is stable in climates throughout North America.

In order to create the Color Fusion™ dye-infused strand woven bamboo, the bamboo strands are first dyed with a unique “coloring” process using all natural plant-based pigments. In order to ensure that there are no pigments that escape due to water runoff, the factory developed a process to re-use all the colored pigment left over from each individual production run thus ensuring zero waste. This patented process ensures the environment surrounding the factory is unharmed and the resources of the factory are conserved.

The EcoFusion strandwood Eucalyptus is also made in a similar fashion, though the source of the raw material is different. The wood used to make this unique flooring come from well managed Euclyptus plantations that supply plywood mills. We use new and post industrial fall-off to press our strandwood logs. The scraps are sorted and carefully treated to make them chemically inert. The wood strands are then coated in a similar adhesive compound that is free from added urea-formaldehyde and other harmful VOC’s.

Overall, the strand woven process allows ECOfusion to provide products that take nothing away from the earth. And since bamboo is 100% renewable and cut by hand, no damage is done to any ecosystem, no forests are harmed and no land is destroyed. 100% of all raw materials are utilized in the manufacturing process creating a truly “green” manufacturing environment.