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How to Keep My New Strand Woven Bamboo Floor Scratch-Free

Strand woven bamboo flooring is pleasing to the eye, easy to maintain, and can look new for many years, but only if you take care of it. If not, eventually, small marks, dents, and scratches can leave your bamboo flooring looking slightly worn. Luckily, since bamboo flooring is a sound investment that increases the value of your home, most homeowners are very keen to keep their floors looking fantastic. Not sure how to protect your bamboo? Then, read through our helpful suggestions!
Safeguard From Grit, Grime, and Dirt: Protect your floors from a whole slew of things that can damage the surface with the simple addition of mats and rugs at each entryway. In the end, you should ban outdoor footwear inside the house, and have people place their shoes and boots on the designated protective mats or trays. Not only will this keep your floors clear of grit and the likes, but it will also minimize how much time it takes to clean your flooring. If you allow clean indoor shoes, you may want to forbid footwear with sharp or pointy parts, like high heels, as they can cause scratches and deep dents.
A Simple Cleaning Routine Goes a Long Way: Prevent dust and dirt from building up on your floor, thereby eliminating the likelihood of eventual damage, by adopting a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. For areas of the home that see high amounts of foot-traffic, daily sweeping with a dry microfiber mop is recommended.  Avoid cleaning agents that contain ammonia, as well as those that are acidic and abrasive, since this can lead to irreparable damage to floors. When vacuuming, always use an attachment that is specifically for wood surfaces to avoid unnecessary scratches.
Moving Heavy Objects and Furniture: Whatever you do, don’t drag heavy objects around, like sofas and tables, since this can ruin your bamboo. Instead, install felt anti-scratch pads, which are easily applied to the bottom of furniture, reducing any hard or sharp edges that touch or run along your floors.
For questions about this type of flooring, or to find a retailer near you, check out EcoFusion.