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Homeowners Can Take Part in Sustainable Investing Too

bamboo flooring

You hear a lot these days about sustainable living and everything that it encompasses for our environment and way of life. In fact, it’s one of the most important steps we can take to leave a better world, for our children and grandchildren to inherit someday. But those steps have to start somewhere.

We were pleased to find that Tobias Read has taken steps to learn more about sustainable investing, and what it can mean for the Portland area. We found this interesting article about the situation in the Portland Tribune.

“Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read is convening a Sustainable Investing Summit in Portland next month, bringing in heavy hitters from some of the world’s largest investment firms. Featured guests include executives from Blackrock, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, KKR & Co., Calvert mutual fund company and others. Gina McCarthy, the former EPA director, is one of the keynote speakers.”

Source: Steve Law, Portland Tribune

Strand Woven Bamboo and Sustainability

Nothing says sustainability like EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo. In fact, the construction used in creating this product not only provides one of the most stable platforms in the flooring industry, but it also holds the status as a 100% rapidly renewable resource. It is manufactured using 100% Moso Bamboo, with no urea formaldehyde or harmful VOC’s added in for any reason.

With Strand Woven Bamboo, you’ll get all the timeless elegance of wood flooring, in a variety of color options. Even more important, you’ll get all the performance and stability you need in a floor covering. Conditioned before and after precision milling, these flooring products will easily meet the different climates that can be found around North America. That means, no matter where you are, you can enjoy these bamboo floors.

In addition to looking great and offering amazing performance and durability, these floors come with a 35-year transferable warranty. You never have to worry about expansion or contraction, as there is a layer of strandwoven bamboo on both the top and bottom, which gives this floor perfect balance. What’s more, you can even custom order your flooring, with FSC bamboo availability.

With this product, sustainable investing is an absolute possibility for the Portland homeowner. Be sure to check with your local retailer and ask about EcoFusion’s Strand Woven Bamboo.